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 FONE SITTER® Off Hook Alert 

Imagine the ability to make only the sounds you want to hear louder, clearer and easier to understand... Now you can.

Clarity Professional® products with patented Digital Clarity Power™ (DCP™) technology utilize digital signal processing to recognize and amplify conversations in a way never imagined before. DCP intelligently amplifies the human voice, eliminates distracting echoes, reduces noise and suppresses sharp, sudden sounds in telephone conversations.

FONE SITTER® Off Hook Alert

A must for homes with elderly or small children  

Automatically alerts you to any extension phone left off-hook throughout your home and in addition alerts you if your phone service has been interrupted
Just one unit will monitor one phone line for your entire house
2 Different audible alarm tones (one for off-hook and the other tone for service interrupted)
Alarms have volume control
Visual indicator light also flashes when an alarm condition exists
Requires 2 AAA batteries- not included
Box Dimensions: 9"L x 5"W x 2"DCOMMFONESITTER

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   $59.50   Fone Sitter

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