What Are the importance of Hosted Applications?

As access to the Internet becomes more widespread with faster, more reliable and ‘always on’ connections becoming, Although hosted Applications would not suit every customer, or every circumstance, they offer many individuals and organizations, in addition to the application manufacturers’ themselves, considerable benefits over the locally installed software.

Hosted Applications

What Is A Hosted Application?

A hosted application, Also called Internet-based application, web-based program, online application and Application Service Providers (ASPs) are software programs where the software resides on servers which are accessed via the web rather than the more traditional software that is installed on either a local server or on individual PC’s.

The thin client Concept is nothing new but the application to move to a host online from a server has been enabled by advances in Internet connectivity.

Example of hosted Applications would be which offers customer relationship management centers, Netsuite offering all-in-one business management software that supplies their clients with an enterprise survey and admissions program.

What Are The Advantages?

Instant, costs Easier to maintain deployment and reduced government are among some of the benefits.

Low Maintenance

With hosted Software and the hardware does the responsibility of the seller with the customer have to keep access? As there is not any software to obtain a application can be made available across an organization where the organization has worldwide offices and regional.

As there is no Resources necessary for updates and software the time is also eliminated.

Reduced Cost

The need to license Software ‘ per user’,’ per server’, via a’ per user’ or ‘website’ license was eliminated. Though some hosted applications still do control ‘per user’ many have taken the opportunity to bill on abuse’ or ‘period’ basis meaning that the customer does not have to estimate the amount of licenses which are required, nor install and pay for full permits that may only be used by some workers occasionally.

This hosted Application model allows trader access and the company to applications written using that database technology and software development tools and servers. The capital expense of software and the hardware in addition to the security, backup and server maintenance cost are the responsibility of the seller.

Minimal Risk

Many hosted No long term commitment is required by applications . New clients can test applications that are hosted either or with risk using a model. If after trailing the software that is hosted the client finds it unsuitable they could stop using the service.


Because the information and application software is stored on the online server after they’ve logged on from anywhere information and the program is available to the client. The customer is now able to work anywhere without needing to download their job or synchronize with devices that are mobile, from remote offices or from their home or hotel in the workplace environment.


For organizations that Have legacy systems from other providers running different operating systems the software that is hosted will offer any system with an integrated solution which supports a standard web browser such as Macs, Unix and Windows.


The hosted application By not having to maintain version numbers or maintenance and licensing arrangements, Sellers benefit. New upgrades are installed the need. The need for version numbers is removed as upgrades are made without needing to package new features to a version launch, bringing the advantages. A user can ask for a new attribute in the morning which could be developed, tested and deployed by the day.