Basic and General Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices

Ethical Behavior in Business

As of late, ethical business behaviour has been a number one issue of concern. Reviewing the events of the previous year, it would seem that the Words Company and integrity are contradictory terms. Whether you look to Wall Street, mortgage companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or private companies like AIG, never mind all the mortgage companies being investigated for questionable business practices, the news is depressing. It seems that the 1980’s mantra greed is good never went away.efficient-business

The criminal dealings of high entrepreneurs have been discovered, which should inspire other individuals to act more ethically. In fact, however, it generally functions as an excuse for not changing poor behaviour. What harm is there in using your company’s PC computer for personal business once your manager uses the business’s phone for long distance calls? When workers see how business management conducts itself, they start to feel no shame for whatever small indiscretions they could have committed themselves.

Managers can unwittingly be signalling that unethical behaviour will be tolerated when they place pressure on smaller, downsized personnel to generate more. When workers feel pressured to meet business goals by whatever means possible, ethical behaviour can go by the wayside.

1 Be truthful. Statements that are untrue or deceptive should never be made.  It is also not ethical to tell partial truths or to exaggerate.

2 make sure to label opinions as opinions. Do not try to convince anybody that something you simply think to be true is already an established fact. Do the job; research thoroughly and assure yourself that you are not just representing another individual’s view as your own.

3 do not show bias. Understand your own subjective beliefs may come through in your writing. Even if you are passionate in your remarks, ethics call for you to be dispassionate in your presentation.

4 Your communications should be simple to understand. You should put down your ideas clearly, so that they are easy to comprehend by weblink. Make certain that what you write can be readily understood by the reader. Do not muddy the waters by using convoluted sentences and all kinds of hard-to-comprehend business jargon.

5 Charge your sources. Do not copy anyone’s work. Most people have the Standard knowledge that they have to use quotation marks if they are using a direct quotation from another author. Yet there are quite a few folks who do not know that they need to properly credit other people’s ideas also. You are still cheating in case you paraphrase sentences and throw in a couple of new words without crediting the author.

Not only must you communicate ethically to be successful in the long Run, but it is also morally correct. Be certain that you conduct yourself in the manner that you would want others to emulate. If you run your affairs ethically and are successful, other folks will follow your lead.