Boosting your business with Eco-friendly promotional goods

Eco-friendly promotional products are a powerful marketing tool to promote your company. In reality, recent research on eco-friendly promotional goods has shown that businesses committed to green sustainability practices have demonstrated greater performance over their competition.Promotional Product

 Provide a free gift. A biodegradable pen made from corn plastic can be given to anybody from a prospect at trade show or a seminar to a possible client or account holder that is loyal. Make certain this eco-friendly pencil has your company contact information imprinted on it. Above all else, think usefulness. The free gift could be anything from a solar-powered calculator into a biodegradable mug. You do not have to use a costly item to make durable effects.

 Say ‘thank you’. Show them how much you appreciate their company with a 100% nominal recycled ‘thank you’ card. On the back, list helpful time and money saving tips such as going paperless with electronic invoices. A great gesture combined with useful information will position your company above the competition when your particular service or product is required again.

 Everyone knows that article promotionnel with trade shows, conventions and Conferences are amazing venues to network. Do not just hand over a business card or catalogue to your prospects. Make an impression with eco friendly promotional products. After introducing yourself, hand over a seeded business card. Inform your new contact the way the business card could be implanted in the ground and sprout veggies or wildflowers within days. A green business card is a terrific conversation starter and may result in a spontaneous sale. Hand out free eco-friendly promotional goods to anyone who signs up for your free online newsletter in your booth.

Send organic cookies. Among the most time-tested marketing approaches is to send cookies to pick clients and prospects you are interested in courting. Organic cookies believe carob chip are a forward-thinking gesture on several levels. Send a note on post-consumer recycled paper thanking the prospect of their time and offer her to spread the joy to other members of the marketing group or upper management.

Start a redeemable points app. Entice your customers to buy enough of a specific product and in return let them redeem these points for free eco-friendly promotional products. These redeemable programs permit you to expand your profit margin by moving unpopular or obsolete products and by pushing more of your best-sellers also. For lower point totals you may give a 100% post-consumer recycled notepad; higher point totals can be eligible for a recycled notebook carrying case.

 Reward top sales reps. Reward your top-performing Sales reps with ecofriendly promotional products offering high impression prices. Sometimes reinforcement can work wonders for a person’s self-esteem – and really make them work harder. A natural hemp or cotton dress shirt with your own embroidered company logo will do just fine.