Make Up Mind With Ways To Drain Rain From Your Swimming Pool

If you are concerned about the high water level resulting in other pool difficulties, it would be smart to start draining water immediately. Based on the type of pool and equipment set up, there are lots of different procedures which may be used to drain water out of a pool to bring the water level back to the right level. Submersible Pump – the simplest way to drain Excess rain water from your pool is using a submersible pump. Based upon the size of the pump, it should take no more than an hour or two to bring the water level back to the suitable level half way up the skimmer intake. If you don’t have a pump or know a person to borrow a pump out of, submersible pumps can be rented at any local equipment rental store.

Drain Your Swimming Pool

  • Built in Drain – you may already know if You have got one, but many pools are constructed using a drain built into the wall which will automatically drain water once the water level becomes too high. It is extremely common for these drains to get clogged with debris over time making them ineffective. If the integrated drain on your swimming pool is clogged, a skilled plumber needs to have the correct tools to make it unclogged.
  • Standard Garden Hose – check to see if your pool Includes a hose bib plumbed to the pool equipment. If so, hook up a garden hose, turn it on and the water will begin draining any time that the pool equipment is on. Be careful to monitor the water level in this procedure. If a lot of water drains, other pool issues might be headed your way.
  • Simply remove the cleaner head in the feed hose and use the water pressure that normally moves the cleaner to drain water. Again, keep a close eye on the water level in this procedure and don’t let it drop too low.

As a swimming pool owner, it makes sense to be prepared to drain Rainwater out of your pool after a huge rainstorm and see here for further clarification. After all, it happens every year and I am guessing that the issue won’t ever go away!