How Raw Honey is good For You?

Raw honey is good for you, for centuries raw honey has been used for medicinal purposes. In ancient Egypt it was used as a preservative and a topical dressing for deep wounds and sores. It is thought that the wrappings on mummies found in Egypt were saturated in honey to help keep the entire body, and it seems to have worked.

Early in the nineteenth century Honey has been used to stem the impacts of sore throats, colds, flu, hay fever, asthma and so forth. Raw honey was in virtually every household for another medical usage, and much research was being done to learn why honey was this effective alternative medicine.

With the advent of this Antibiotic penicillin in the early nineteen forties the study on honey came to a screeching halt.

Because the bugs which are causing much of the ailments and pain and suffering are getting to be immune to the super strength antibiotics, science is currently searching once more, for an alternative and guess where they are looking. You guessed it, in the lowly honey bee and the delicious nectar it generates.

The FDA recently approved a medical grade of honey for medical use in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Raw honey

In the past decade, studies have been conducted in Germany, France, Italy, England, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. I could find just one double blind study using honey as a topical dressing. Dr. Jennifer Eddy and the University of Wisconsin, Eau Clair was responsible for the analysis. To my Knowledge the outcomes have not yet been published.

When the results are printed I am sure it will be great news for Diabetics with leg and foot ulcers. These same studies have been done in different countries with positive outcomes. Double blind studies conducted in this state appear to create the medical community, sit up and take notice. I hope for the sake of diabetics who are afflicted with ulcers and also eventual amputations, this really is true.

Most recently there’s been much study done with raw honey in several unique locations, most notably with open wounds and burns too with diabetic ulcers to buy raw honey online. The results demonstrate that these different sorts of wounds heal as much twenty five percent faster with honey dressings, than with the conventional treatments, with as much as fifty percent fewer secondary infections and with much less scaring.

Raw honey is good for you on the inside too.


The Mayo clinic has been asked that this Question with a diabetic I have diabetes, and I am wondering if I could substitute honey for sugar in my diet? The answer basically was, yes you can but remember honey is sweeter than sugar so adjust your diet plan accordingly. Nothing was said about the huge differences between sugar and honey.